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Dr Christina Yan Zhang 

Dyrektor generalny Instytut Metaverse

Christina is a metaverse pioneer. She started her master research on the topic in 2006 to develop universities’ international strategies. In 2012, with full scholarship, she completed a PhD in using digital twin in the metaverse to augment the construction industry.  

Christina is an award-winning business leader with 17 years of experience turning forward-thinking ideas into high growth businesses. She has extensive experience working with governments, universities, and business on innovation strategies. Between 2013 and 2020, she was China Director for QS, the producer of QS World University Ranking. Starting from scratch, Christina grew the UK-headquartered firm’s profile and commercial success in China. In January 2016, China’s Vice Premier highlighted the use of QS rankings in a keynote speech, with the rankings impacting 5 years funding allocations to 3005 universities across China with 48 million students, and a total budget of £750bn. 

She has sat on 20+ advisory committees for UNESCO, World Bank, Commonwealth, EU, and UK Governments. She’s UN ITU’s Vice Chair on Metaverse Working Group-Sustainability, Accessibility & Inclusion and Co-chair of Task Group on CitiVerse with the mandate to set up the UN definition and roadmap on how governments can use emerging technologies to create human centred future sustainable and inclusive cities. She sits on Advisory Council for Centre for Science Futures of the International Science Council, the world’s largest science body of 230 national academies of sciences, with a UN mandate. She advises on how AI will impact on the global innovation ecosystem.    

The Metaverse Institute is made up of a group of the world’s leading pioneers of metaverse, AI, digital twins, smart cities. They advise the UN, governments, investors, corporates to use cutting edge technologies to improve the real world. They are partners of The Economist. They recently published the world’s first people centred metaverse strategy for the Tampere City Government, “Tampere Metaverse Vision 2040”, This will involve a range of innovative technologies with effective governance and controls, which is aimed at building a smart city fit for the coming decades. The report has been listed on the website by the UN as a key resource.  

She regularly meets with top leaders, is a frequent keynote speaker at high level events, and is interviewed by top media. She recently chaired the opening panel for The World Intellectual Property Organization’s summit on IP and Metaverse, addressed UNESCO on the future of education, the side event of UN’s High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development using metaverse for cities.