Moto idea 2023


Zdzisław Konior

Head of QA Division w Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland

With Toyota since 2001 @Production Engineering – up to manager position resp. for allround plant manufacturing engineering: forging, casting, heat treatment, machining and assembly of engines and transmissions. And also plant investment budget and realization. @Quality Assurance since 2009 as manager. Currently as head of QA division reporting directly to japaneese VP. Resp. for all plant manufacturing operations QA as well as components and raw materials suppliers quality and market claims (field warranty). And also resp. for new projects implementation as well as VE/VA cost reduction activities.
Managing the strong team of 2 Managers, 4 Assistant Managers, 20 Quality Engineers and appr. 100 Quality Control team Members including 10 Group Leaders and 20 Team Leaders in 5 different shops.
Well educated in Toyota Way, TPS, TQM and management by Hoshins and KPIs principles with years of experience. Customer First methodology oriented with strong kaizen and genchi-genbutsu mindset.
Since July 2019 responsible for all QA operations in two TMMP locations: Walbrzych (for HV transaxles production) and Jelcz-Laskowice (for 2,0/1,5 l TNGA engines production) with additional highly skilled and educated: Manager, 2 Ass. Managers, 8 Quality Engineers and 55 more Quality Control Members to manage.