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13th conference

Moto Idea 2023

The most important industry conference for the automotive industry took place on October 24-25, 2023. It brought together more than 300 participants, including 34 speakers, who shared their knowledge and ideas on how to manage both the challenges and opportunities facing the automotive sector.

12th conference

Moto Idea 2022

Almost 250 participants gathered for the 12th edition of the Moto Idea Conference, which took place on September 27-28 in Łódź. The autumn weather did not cool down the temperature of the discussion between the speakers, interlocutors of the panels, participants, and exhibitors. The guests were greeted by the organizer of the conference, the president of the board of Exact Systems, Paweł Gos, and the president of Częstochowa, Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk, who took honorary patronage over Moto Idea.


Moto Idea 2021

This year’s Moto Idea in many aspects will be unique in its entire, several-year history. The most important message of this year’s event was changes related to the global transformation of mobility and megatrends in the automotive industry. Other hot topics were discussed as well i.e. related to the increase in the prices of raw materials and transport, problems with logistics, or restrictions in the supply of components. More than 30 speakers and panelists talked not only about the future of the automotive industry in the coming years, but for the first time they referred to the changes that are happening before our eyes.

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Edycje 2009-2019

The Moto Idea conference was established in 2009 and is currently one of the most important meetings of the automotive industry in Poland. For ten years, we have managed to build an event where representatives of leading enterprises in Poland willingly perform. Automotive experts, including plant directors, engineers, and project managers, meet here. Thanks to the speeches, participants in one place gain knowledge from various automotive sectors, as well as establish contact with other representatives of the industry.